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Our footprint

First of all: wow, you do read this! We thought writing this page would be just a mere formality. But don’t worry, Honey Belt isn’t about that life. It’s about all the good things: the convenient, practical and inspiring female journey. 

We design premium products to make your day better and, why not, more beautiful, too. Some people call it yoga apparel, others call it fitwear, but feel free to name it however you want. We like to call it “your go-to clothes to try that crazy hard yoga pose, run some errands, travel to a dream destination or just pick up the kids with comfort and style”. Get it?

Honey, we're more than just a cool active apparel

Honestly, what we really offer is a lot more than just some nice good looking active gear. We’re proud to take part in building a better world - you’ll notice this in the tiniest details. Everyone in our team does their best to express our beliefs through our products and services by praising balance, positivity, lightness, gratitude and, most importantly, well-being. 

So while you’re busy taking care of your body and mind, Honey Belt takes care of your favorite leggings and bras. Our amazing professionals work really hard to provide a balanced and pleasant relationship with your own skin in each and every purchase. 

But first, peace and love

Keep in mind that HB’s is an independent female business whose priority is to respect the environment and all living beings. Our community fully believes in the omnipotent force of the universe and cherishes peace and simplicity in all its manifestations. And above all we add love to all the things we do. 

Sweet independente production

If you’re curious about the technology we use, allows us to astonish you: it’s just the highest quality you deserve. Our lightweight and slightly sheer fabric is uniquely designed and finely cut to fit your body without leaving any unpleasant marks. Add some supreme durability to that as well: the material we manufacture is resistant to saltwater, chlorine, sweat and even lint. Go ahead and cuddle with that old fuzzy but super warm blanket - we promise it won’t ruin your favorite Honey Belt yoga pants! 

TLDR: Honey Belt sells breathable, functional leggings and sports bras for doing exercise or just grabbing some coffee at your local coffee shop. We’re committed to providing excellence by designing the most awesome and exclusive products. We also deeply value peace, the environment and doing everything with the greatest love.