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about us

About us

Founded in sunny Florida, honey belt is an all-female apparel company for yoga and other low impact exercises. Long story short, three mothers got together to start an independent conscious brand that rejoices in wellness and convenience. 

Mixing and matching is our thing! All products come with exclusive and well thought out design to enhance your well-being, support sustainability and truly gift you with statement pieces!

Just like industrious bees, honey belt staff works non-stop to maximize comfort and offer you impeccable athletic gear. It’s all tested, revised and analysed before it’s signed, sealed and delivered to you!

Every collection is carefully handmade with lightweight yet durable material to guarantee quality - for our customers and the lives of our talented production artists! We deeply appreciate the hard work of all men and women that are involved in this business to achieve excellence and provide satisfaction.

In case you were wondering: yes, yoga is the main inspiration behind honey belt as it speaks to our hearts, body and mind. You’ll also notice in the tiniest details that we value freedom of expression, respect for the environment and the deconstruction of beauty standards. It’s about time that bend not only our limbs but also some outdated fashion rules.