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Returning online orders is easy!

We know shopping online can be tough sometimes. You’re a little unsure if it’s gonna fit, you might need another size, can’t really touch the fabric or check how it feels on your skin… even though it’s the 21st century!  While technology can’t catch up with your shopping needs, we’ll do our best to make things easier for you.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, you can return it and get a full refund. Now, if you’re just interested in exchanging some items for a smaller or larger size, it’s all good, too. We’ll take care of the shipping fees! What really matters is that you’re happy with your purchase!

Oh, by the way, we also offer 30 days after your items have been delivered so you have enough time to request a return or exchange.

Plus, if you spend over $200, shipping is free for anywhere in the US! Now go back to shopping as honey belt’s bees are working hard to give you the best shopping experience! ;)

For the request for exchange or return send email to us at we give you a way!

• You will receive a Posting Authorization Code within two days to send items back to us. Just take the products to be exchanged or returned, preferably in their original packaging, to a UPS agency with the Posting Authorization Code that they send back to us.
Please note: We do not accept product exchanges without the original labels or signs of use, ok? We don't change dirty clothes!

• Just wait! After we receive the return shipping, we will send you a coupon that is the same as the returned parts so you can choose a model that suits you within 3 business days! In the case of chargebacks or refunds, this will be done within five business days of receipt and verification of the order.

Commom questions

• How soon do I get my exchange back?

The round trip exchange is performed by USP. The timeframe varies by region, but is usually 3-5 business days, depending on the zip code, and it takes up to 3 business days to post the exchange upon return arrival. Therefore, the estimated time to complete the exchange is 12 to 23 business days, depending on your address.

• Do I need to pay freight to exchange or return?

No, these costs are on us;)

• How is the value reversed in case of return?

If payment has been made by credit card, we will refund the full or partial amount on your card, which may take 1-2 invoices to process. You can also choose to keep credit for future purchases.

• Can I exchange my order for a different product than I originally purchased?

You will receive a special discount coupon with the same value as the returned parts. You can usually place your new order using the coupon, including for a more expensive product (by paying the difference on the site itself). If the product is cheaper, the difference will not generate future credits.

• When can my exchange be refused?

We may refuse to exchange products with a sign of use (and / or without the original labels and exchanges requested within 30 days of order delivery.